Get true fast charging experience

Download our app from App Store and follow 4 simple steps described

bellow to start charging session


Get to know each other

Sign up with your phone number, fill in contact details and select your EV model.
This information is requested once, but would help us to provide you with the best possible user experience for a lifetime.

Specify the session

Confirm charging station location, select plug you are going to use and pick with a slider amount of energy to be transfered. Don't be afraid — session also could be stopped manually at any moment.

Hassle-free payments

Add a debit or credit card. Once the session is started — an estimated cost will be pre-authorized from your card, but final amount to be withdrawn will be always recalculated based on actual session data by the end.

Time to plug in

Plug in connector into your EV socket and press "Start charging" button in the app. It won't take long to finish the session, so be ready to release charging cable by the end.


Still have questions?

Mostly we have one of our technicians close by. Do not hesitate to call us

+371 257 58 551